Discover how to keep your brain fit and healthy. Attend one of our hugely popular BrainFit workshops.

Since 2009 the BrainFit Workshops have been enthusiastically welcomed by people in Community groups and Housing Associations. Over 90% said they would recommend the workshops to others.

The Workshops Suit a Range of Groups, such as:

  • Active Over 50s Groups
  • Retirement Associations
  • Housing Association Tenants
  • Care Home Residents
  • Staff Training & Development - In organisations catering for the needs of the older generation

Workshop Structure

The core of BrainFit Programme involves two workshops, both of which can be tailored to suit the requirements of your group.

  • how the brain works - using simple, interactive and visual explanations
  • why learning keeps the brain fit and practical steps you can take
  • how memory can be improved
  • how to keep learning for life and enjoy it!
  • Individual BrainFit Plan which recommends a range of new learning activities (Optional)
Workshop One
Age-Proofing Your Brain
  • Introduces the secret of a healthy brain.
  • Why lifelong learning is the perfect stimulus to keep our brains ‘fit for life’.
Workshop Two
Lifelong Learning & Memory
  • How lifelong learning can be fulfilling and enjoyable.
  • An introduction to memory and how to improve it.

For Bespoke Workshops - Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Our workshops are ideally suited for groups of 10-20 people and last for 90 minutes. They are enjoyable and easy to understand with the accomanying handout notes. Our team supplies all the necessary equipment.

Workshop Prices

Our BrainFit workshops can be tailored to suit your needs. For more information regarding content and prices or to book, please email us at or call us on 028 9127 2830