Plan One: Individual Customers

A BrainFit Plan can be purchased by emailing

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Plan Two: Re-sellers

Re-sellers can obtain a a licence for quantities of the BrainFit Plan Assessments to sell or give to their tenants


Organisations offering residential provision for retired people, such as Housing Associations and Care Homes, can purchase a licence for quantities of the BrainFit Plan assessments to suit their requirements.

  • Discount when ordering large quantities
  • Ongoing support

More Details

  • With a licence we also offer training for key staff in the organisation to enable them to understand the BrainFit Plan and maximise its usefulness.
  • The licence may be purchased with or without the BrainFit Workshops.
  • The Re-seller also receives the record of the preferred learning activities of all their residents. This provides the basis for planning an ongoing programme of learning activities for residents as groups or individuals.
  • Re-seller organisations may appoint a ‘Champion’ with whom we could work over the longer term to ensure smooth cooperation and also appropriate follow up. This person can be trained to work with other people in the organisation to maximise benefits of the BrainFit Plan.
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Plan Three: Introducers

Offer the BrainFit Plan in your organisation


These are organisations that have retired people as members and would be interested in making the BrainFit Plan available to their membership. We work with these organisations to help promote the mental wellbeing of their members.

  • Their members would purchase the BrainFit Plan individually (as in Individual customers)
  • We also provide the BrainFit Workshops for Introducers at discounted rates for their members
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or Call 028 9127 2830 to sign up or find out more