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Plan for 50—100 Year Olds

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Cognitive Reserve

Building up your Cognitive Reserve

The BrainFit Plan was designed not only for people who have retired but for people who are looking towards retirement in the future. Lifelong learning becomes an urgent necessity for people over 60 if they want to have a healthy brain for the next 30 or more years. However, the best time to begin to prepare your brain for retirement is in your 50s.

The reason for this is the importance of building up what is known as ’cognitive reserve’. Throughout your life, as your brain is stimulated by learning and ‘exercised’ by new experiences, its capacity for development during later years is improved. You will be less vulnerable to mental decline in retirement if you have built up your cognitive reserve before you retire.

The BrainFit Pan is not only for people who have retired. It is a great way to prepare for retirement.

People who have been increasing their cognitive reserve before retirement have greater ability to draw on this to overcome challenges to their brains due to ageing. They are able to develop new brain cell networks or improve the efficiency of their existing networks as they get older.

This means that lifelong learning is the best preparation for a healthy brain in your later years. While it is never too late to benefit from the BrainFit Plan, the best time to use it is in the decade before you plan to retire. The challenge to engage in new learning is difficult in your 50s, but the BrainFit Plan will open up possibilities for learning you will never regret pursuing.

Building up your cognitive reserve is probably the most important thing you can do to diminish the risk of dementia.

The BrainFit Plan will not only pay dividends when you retire. It will give you a more interesting and fulfilled life in the present.