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Brain Plasticity

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Brain Plasticity

Use it or lose it

The outer ‘bark’ of the brain (the cortex) is where learning takes place. It is made up of 100 billion ‘grey cells’ or neurones. These cells communicate with each other and as they do so they transmit units of information as electrical or chemical messages. These brain cells develop as communication circuits or networks when the brain is stimulated and ‘exercised’. Networks begin to form before birth.

From birth the brain undergoes a ‘pruning’ process in which networks that are not being used are lost and useful networks are developed. The number of cells and networks can be increased as the result of individual experiences. Stimulation of the brain through enriching experiences improves brain function. This means that your brain can be modified during your whole lifetime – even in retirement.

The Brain is a work in progress. It remains highly modifiable throughout our lives.

This ability of the brain to modify itself is called ‘plasticity’. This term implies that the brain is not a ‘fixed system’ of nerves determined in our earlier years. Your brain can change and things you do can change it.

This is why the BrainFit Plan is effective. It guides you towards learning that will keep your brain developing throughout your later years.

When you exercise your brain, chemicals are released that improve your brain’s performance:

  • Brain cells (neurones) communicate more effectively with each other.
  • Networks between nerves cells are increased or altered.
  • Alternative networks are formed to overcome damaged areas of the brain.

The BrainFit Plan keeps your brain developing throughout retirement by lifelong learning.

Learning creates and maintains these networks – at any age! Because of the plasticity of the brain you are never too old to change your brain for the better by learning something new.

However, the bad news is that when the brain is not stimulated and exercised, thousands of networks and nerve connections are lost every day through ‘pruning’. The BrainFit Plan helps you reverse this process. But if you don’t take action mental decline inevitably takes place.