Brainfit Connect

Brainfit Connect

'Unique learning, empowered lives and dignity through technology'

We live in a wired world, connected 24/7 through email, Skype, smartphones, laptops, tablets and a myriad of apps and devices. Yet older adults, particularly those with dementia, are left out of this entire revolution.

Their children or caregivers mistakenly assume that their loved ones are disinterested or intimidated by modern technology.

Now, our seniors can be part of this revolution with BrainFit Connect. This easy to use, intuitive system allows anyone – irrespective of age, to access a wealth of resources and communication tools at the touch of a button

‘ICTs open up avenues for intellectual stimulation or everyone, regardless of their interests and capabili- ties.’ (Social Care Institute for Excellence)

BrainFit Connect categories include: ‘Be Creative’, ‘Be Inspired’ ‘Keep in Touch’ ‘Games & Puzzles’, ‘Play & Learn’, ‘Listen & Watch’ and ‘Keep Active’

Everyone can benefit from ICT at some level. It all depends on how you do it.
(SCIE/Social Care Institute for Excellence)

In any:

  • One to one setting with someone with dementia
  • Group activity setting in a care home, housing association or community group, the system has dozens of applications for a wide variety of scenarios and settings:

If you would like to find out more and discover how Brainfit Connect can be used in your situation, just click here and complete the online enquiry form.

BrainFit Connect