An Active Brain for life.

The BrainFit Plan helps you keep your brain fit and active. Avoid mental decline and dementia - keep your brain 'fit for life'.

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How the BrainFit Programme Will Benefit You

  • Your individually tailored BrainFit Plan

    This will stimulate your brain to make your life more enjoyable, while also reducing the risk of dementia.

  • The BrainFit Workshops

    These explain how the brain works and how you can avoid mental decline to keep your brain ‘fit for life’.

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BrainFit Workshops for Groups

These workshops dispel the myth that mental decline is inevitable and nothing can be done to prevent it.

  • What Will I Learn?

    How the brain works, why learning keeps the brain fit, how memory can be improved and how to keep learning for life and enjoy it!

  • Who Are They For?

    Active Over 50s Groups, Retirement Associations, Housing Association Tenants, Care Home Residents and Staff Training Programmes

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Video explaining the BrainFit Plan

The Nun Study

BrainFit Workshops

How It Works

A 3 Step Process that:

  • Identifies your ‘learning fingerprint'
  • Selects activities to stimulate your brain and improve your life
  • Produces your personal BrainFit Action Plan

Keep Your Brain Fit

See an example of how keeping your brain active by learning can overcome the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Watch 'The Nun Study' video above or read more about Dementia.

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The Workshops

Interactive Workshops that explain:

  • How your brain works
  • Why your brain does not have to decline as you get older
  • What you can do to keep your brain active